About Us

Since 1984 the Rohrer Associates Marketing Group (RAM GROUP) is a national full-service brokerage company designed to distribute Annuity, Life, Disability Income and Long-Term Care products and concepts to the insurance professional.

The RAM GROUP is dedicated to bringing our successful concepts and methods to the producer through a combination of competitive products, compensation and most of all, unconditional sales and administrative support.

As a national marketing brokerage company, the RAM GROUP does not compete with the independent agent for clients. Our goal is to make the sales environment a friendly one by providing sales ideas and assistance, educational training and unparalleled back room support. You are appointed directly with each carrier and generally receive compensation directly as well.

At the RAM GROUP, we are committed to your success; find out today why successful agents find a home at RAM GROUP.

  • A partner of the RAM Group, Jeff is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and brings more than 20 years of insurance industry experience as well as knowledge of marketing communications, presentation design and operations to the RAM Group. Working to develop product and sales education and training programs, including our exclusive Lead Compass program, he now runs day-to-day operations and is responsible for the marketing communications and concepts that come from the RAM Group. From simple illustrations to advanced case design, Jeff puts his stamp on the RAM Group’s product – always promoting the ideas and concepts that help in supporting the agent successfully market the full range of RAM Group’s product offerings. Jeff can be reached at rohrerj@ram-group.net