EZ App


Quote & Submit in under 10 minutes

How Does It Work?

1.       You complete the term quote with any carrier and any product for your client on www.RohrerAndAssociates.com to find the best rate.

2.       Once you choose the carrier the client wants to apply with click “Paper Forms”. This brings up the needed application with one click.

3.       Print the Part A only and complete with client information. You sign as the agent, but NO CLIENT SIGNATURES are required!

Your part is done! Just fax or email to our office.

What Happens After I Submit To Your Office?

1.       We order the paramed exam through Superior Mobile Medics (SMM).

2.       They schedule the exam with the client and during the exam they will ask the needed medical history questions and obtain all client signatures.

3.       SMM then sends the completed application package in good order to the carrier for underwriting.

How Is This Different Than Other Online Drop Tickets?

  • No telephone interview needed
  • Use for any product and any carrier
  • The process is the same for all carriers