Carrier Customer Service

Policy Holder Services/Customer
NamePhonePhone #2EmailFax
AVIVA – Serviced by Athene888-266-8489   
AVIVA – Serviced by Accordia877-462-8992   
AIG/American General877-686-7949 opt. 4   
American Equity888-221-1234 service@american-equity.com515-221-9450
American Investors (under AmerUs Life)888.266.8489   
Assurity Life8002767619 x4279 Clientservices@assurity.com402.437.4658
Banner Life800-638-8428 opt. 2 
Lincoln Benefit Life – Serviced by Alliance OneFixed Life and Annuity Customer Service (inforce business) 844-768-6777
Variable Life and Annuity Customer Service (inforce business) 844-768-6780
Long-Term Care (inforce business) 888.503.8110
Chase/Zurich/Kemper – Serviced by Protective800.321.9313 opt. 2   
Chesapeake Life866-215-5343 opt. 2  803-333-4439
Empire General – Serviced by Protective800-866-9933   
EquiTrust866-598-3692 customer.service@equitrust.com515-226-5101
Fidelity Life800.369.3990 Service@fidelitylife.com866.947.8738
First Colony – Serviced by Genworth888.436.9678   
FDL – Serviced by Dearborn800.538.0379   
FDLNY – Serviced by Dearborn888-851-9156
Forethought – serviced by Accordia877-462-8992   
Genworth Life888-325-5433  888-325-3299
Genworth AnnuityFixed Annuity – 800-221-9501
Variable Annuity – 800-352-9910
Genworth LTC Policyholder Services800-456-7766  800.876.8220
Guarantee Trust Life (GTLIC)800-338-7452  847-298-1215
Industrial Alliance Pacific1-866-363-3290  1-866-368-0095
Jefferson Pilot – serviced by Lincoln Financial Group800.487.1485   
LBL – serviced by AllstateFixed 800-525-9287
Variable 800-865-5237
Lincoln National Life – serviced by Lincoln Financial Group1-888-946-2700   
Liberty LifeBMA Fixed Annuities 800.234.5514BMA Variable Annuities 800.423.9398
Libery Life Products 800.551.8354 877-201-7903
LSW Annuities800-228-4579  214-638-9162
LSW Life800-536-5934  802-229-3131
MetLIfe DI Claims (Client required to call)800-929-1492   
Minnesota Life877-282-1930800-649-5726  
North American1-877-872-0757   
Oxford866-641-9999  FAX 602-263-6645
Pan American Life877.939.4550   
Phoenix Annuity Customer Service800-541-0171  FAX 816-221-9674
Physicians Mutual LTC800.228.9100   
Presidential Life – serviced by Athene800-926-7599   
SBLI800-694-7254  (781) 994-4240
Standard DI1-800-992-4446   
Symetra800-796-3872 opt 1  866.719.3124
TransamericaLife – 800.852.4678
Annuity – 877.717.8861
WCL – serviced by Protective800-866-9933 ladrevisions@protective.com205-268-3368
USFLI – an AXA Company800-959-3894  315.477.2828